Ten Conservation Questions - As discussed with Sarah Dowie at Bluegreens Forum 2018

1.How do we ensure that Predator 2050 stays on track?

2.How can we tap into community/farming/industry sectors to be more involved in conservation?

3.How do we translate our conservation ethic on land to marine environments?

4.What is the Department of Conservation’s role in improving water quality when the primary responsibility rests with councils/Ministry of Environment?

5.How can we  improve levels of trust in Department of Conservation in sectors such as fishing or farming?

6.How do we focus our biosecurity system from threats from production to threats to nature?

7.How can we manage increasing tourist numbers without compromising what makes New Zealand special?

8.How do we drive the acceptance of new technologies used in environmental and/or pest management?

9.How can we push the conservation envelope further from Predator Free to gain international recognition?

10.How could the Department of Conservation better support communities regarding regional development?

Click here to download a copy of the presentation to Bluegreens Forum 2018

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