In association with WaiCare and with the support of Hon Nikki Kaye, MP for Auckland Central, the Bluegreens have adopted a section of Meola Creek to restore in 2011.

Help us kick start a new ecological restoration project in the heart of urban Auckland.

What we’re doing

Meola Creek is an iconic Auckland waterway, enjoyed by residents and tourists alike.  In an effort to help clean it up, the Bluegreens will weed and replant the creek.

As part of our action plan, we’ll be:

  • cleaning up the creek to remove litter and waste
  • monitoring the creek regularly to gauge the success of planting
  • clearing weeds prior to planting
  • undertaking restoration planting at designated site over some planting days
  • providing regular maintenance of planted sites
  • Highlight our activities at the Grey Lynn Festival

In addition to the weeding and planting the Bluegreens will supply regular data to WaiCare ( with water quality results so we can ascertain over time the improved water quality of Meola Creek.

Keen to be involved?

We are seeking volunteers who have an interest in restoring the creek.

Your help is only needed for about 4 weekends a year. This will involve weed clearing and planting days.

To express your interest in helping with this programme or you have any questions about volunteering, please contact the Bluegreens Auckland Central representative, Chris Severne at or on 09 361 5163.