We enjoy some of the most pristine and accessible natural beauty in the world. Good environmental practice is not only important to protect our natural heritage, but is crucial in securing the sort of future we want for our children.

The Bluegreens are one of the National Party’s Policy Advisory Groups. We are working hard to promote National’s environmental credentials and to assist in strengthening our policy as we look to the future.

The Bluegreens understand that to create sound environmental policy, engagement with members, the public and non-governmental organisations is vital. To that end, the Bluegreens hold an annual forum, inviting all members, environmental organisations and sector groups to attend, share and debate their views.

National is the only political party to hold an event like this and our environmental policy is strong as a result of the strength of our engagement.

The Bluegreens Forum 2020 is going to be held in Nelson in February and we would love to see you there.

Bluegreens Forum 2020

Save the Date Forum 2020

We invite you to join us for National's annual Bluegreens Forum in the critical 2020 election year.

This weekend will be an opportunity to engage with our MP's and New Zealand's leading environmental organisations.

Join us in Nelson to discuss how we can better deliver our Bluegreens vision for a prosperous and clean, green country.

CONFERENCE at the Trafalgar Centre | Saturday - $100 (+$20 for dinner)

FIELD TRIP to Abel Tasman National Park | Sunday - $100

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September Update

The Bluegreens have gone from strength to strength in 2019, releasing National’s first discussion document on the environment in February and listening to New Zealanders as we build our policy for 2020.

We are practical environmentalists, interested in smart solutions that work rather than inflexible ideology.

We know that a healthy, thriving environment and a strong economy go hand-in-hand. We can’t have one without the other.

New Zealand’s environment is central to our quality of life, our national identity and our competitive advantage. This will be front of mind as we build our environmental policy looking towards the 2020's and beyond.


Today, the Bluegreens are one of the most active of National’s Policy Advisory Groups.

We’ve been consistently motivated by the dual objectives of making New Zealand greener and wealthier. From three Bluegreens members 21 years ago, we now have nearly three quarters of our Caucus team identifying as Bluegreens. Just as New Zealanders trust us on the economy, so too can they trust us on environmental issues.

This year’s Forum in Raglan had a record turnout of 130 people, showing that our members are looking to us for strong environmental initiatives. We’ll be looking to beat that next year in Nelson for the 2020 Forum and I look forward to seeing you there.


Since launching our Environment discussion document at this year’s Forum in Raglan, our Bluegreen MPs have been hard at work.

This year we have been meeting with a number of NGOs like Fish and Game, Federated Farmers and Forest & Bird, to listen to their feedback on the policy questions and proposals we released.

We have also asked for input from our members and the public - you can read the discussion document and have your say here:

I strongly believe that the environmental challenges we face will be solved by bringing New Zealand businesses and communities with us on the journey - by incentivising and encouraging change rather than officials in Wellington dictating what is best for New Zealanders. We know that Kiwis want to do the right thing when it comes to the environment and it is our job to create policy to make those choices easy, accessible and cost-effective.

We’ll continue to listen to stakeholders throughout the country as we develop our policy for 2020.



Plastic-free July is a world-wide movement raising awareness about the amount of plastic waste we create.

For the entire month of July, I set myself the daily challenge of changing one plastic habit to a plastic-free alternative.

Some changes have been brilliant, some disastrous. The experience has highlighted just how hard it is to make good plastic free choices and how expensive and time-consuming making those changes can be.

The question for the Bluegreens is: what can we do at a policy level to encourage behaviour change and to make plastic free options simple and cost effective? There are tens of thousands of Kiwis out there who are part of online communities sharing ideas about reducing their waste. People are willing to shift away from single use plastic - we need to provide the tools and incentives for that to happen.

ERICA STANFORD | Associate Spokesperson for the Environment

Bluegreens Around the Country

We hope to see you at the Bluegreens Forum 2020!

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